Bad odor in the car interior

Most of us can feel an unpleasant smell in the car immediately, especially in the hot time. A lot of people use perfumes and that is routine daily procedure because it is fresh. The tobacco, pets or food odor usually stays inside metal gaps of the body, carpet, under the ceiling upholstery. The lucky case is a kids milk on the floor mats – you can remove and wash within one hour. Since we spent a lot of time at home, office, and driving a car every day, usually we don’t see that step by step the interior become dirtier. And the result is a new strange sense which is extremely visible to your friends.

having an unpleasant smell

Is it easy to remove the smell from home?

The most effective way is to remove all parts, air conditioner system pipes and clean them all. But can you imagine how much time it will take and the price for this service! Unfortunately, in serious cases detailing is a necessary procedure and if you have a garage, some free time at the weekend … why not. Most of us will prefer to delegate this sense removal process to professionals. Besides that, professionals use special equipment, specific chemicals that can rich all hidden places of interior and inside the car to destroy bacteria responsible for bad odor.

smell odor destroy fog






The most effective methods in our days are fogging and ionization.

Let us refresh your interior with modern and effective chemicals.

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